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 How to Bypass Cod4 GPD Patch

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PostSubject: How to Bypass Cod4 GPD Patch   Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:45 am

Here It Is The CoD Bypass Tutorial... YOU NEED TO BRIGE YOUR CONEXTION!!!

You Need:
Colasoft Packet Builder (CPB)

1.Start up your xbox 360 and log in to XBL

2.Set up your 360 so it connects to your Ethernet adapter with ICS

3.Using Wireshark start capturing on your Ethernet adapter.
Once the capture has started Run COD5, go into a game and play that match,
when it ends and your back to your party on your own stop the capture dont stop it until
it looks like no more packets are being captured in Wireshark.
Stop the capture and save your capture as test.cap (make sure its .cap).

4.Once thats done quit the game so you are back to the XMB.

5.Delete the game patch XXLBRBXX (oN MEMORY UNIT OR HDD TAB )

6.Copy your modified profile to the 360 ( Ie modded with no lcip/God mode that kinda stuff )

7.Go back to your laptop/pc and open up test.cap in Colasoft Packet Builder.

8.Click on the Send All button located in the toolbar.

Follow this carefully

#Tick "Burst Mode"

#Tick "Loop Sending"

#Reduce the loops from 1 to 0 for infinate loop

#Set Delay Between Loops to the number of packets you have captured

So if you have captured 411 packets then it should be set to 411 milliseconds
(see problems at bottom) The lower the number the higher the chances

#Make sure you are still signed in, if not sign in before running the game again.

#Click on "Start" in Colasoft PB IMMEDIATLY. Now run the game.
This should bypass the "Patch update Request" message after the Call of Duty Logo dissapears.
Dont panic if the logo takes longer than usual to disappear,
but if its there for more than 2 minutes restart the 360 by the console and not the
controller (Make those adjustments to the Delay Between Loops value in CPB).
Run the whole game through to Multiplayer>Play Online and with
luck you should be able to join in an online match with the hacks

Its a 50/50 battle between not flooding the 360 with packets causing the connection to fail
resulting in you having to sign in again.
Colasoft not sending the right packet quickly enough resulting in the update request message
appearing. Press the Guide button on the controller,
Quit Game and start again but always make sure you are signed in.
You will just need to mess around with the "Delay Between Loops" value until you get it
right. If you do you will be online with the hacks working.
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How to Bypass Cod4 GPD Patch
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