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 Call of Duty: Black Ops|Massive Ultimate Tutorial Thread

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PostSubject: Call of Duty: Black Ops|Massive Ultimate Tutorial Thread   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:28 pm

Multiplayer Glitches

Every Way To Boost On Black Ops

When you start the game of Domination you will each capture the one at YOUR spawn then both teams will meet at B and switch off capturing B. Im not very familiar with this way because the last time i did this after about 5 times we stopped earning points.So you must kill yourself to get the point and wait about 10 sec.

When you start up the game of Demolition you have Half of each team do HEADSHOTS for 1 round, Then you have the other half PLANT AND DEFUSE each bomb. This will get you alot of points and will help you rank up quick. Exact EXP you get would be good.
DO NOT GO OVER 9500, You will not get any exp.

This is very wide spread boosting you can either get TDM and boost headshots or you can get capture the flag and boost flag capturing depending on what you pick. Most people use team tactical for domination and demolition.

Now this is very simple just start any game with all your friends, Beside private match obviously and just switch off getting headshots. That is'nt as effective but still works.

Get 6 kills each round will total out to about 24 kills. Then next game switch people and you will get alot of points dont know exact amount.
Thanks Woobie.
CONSEQUENCES: Dont abuse this. After a few times go into a normal search game and just sit in the corner so your score per minute goes down.

New Golden Crossbow!
Not Patched

Works on

Assault rifle With Flamethrower attachment with gold camo (or Desired camo)
- And a crossbow as your secondary

I have not tested this with anything other than the crossbow so please post your finds

Once you have finished reading this tutorial you should have one of these


- Equip a class with the assault rifle and crossbow with desired camo
- Must be at least 2 people in the game for this to work
- when the game starts up, select the class with the AR and crossbow
- Hit Y to switch to the crossbow, then press Left on DPAD to switch to flamethrower
- Get the other person to kill you
- Now when you got killed you would have dropped the Crossbow (Golden)
- Switch classes so that you can pick it up, If someone else picked it up kill them and take it

Have Fun

Please try this with other secondary guns and post if it works or not

I will be updating this thread with secondary guns that work/don't work

Hope you have fun with this

Reduced Recoil on all guns!
Not Patched

1. Go to Black Ops Multiplayer

2. Click on Player Match

3. Press the guide button.

4. Press RB until you are at the settings portion.

5. Click on Profile

6. Go down and click on Game Defaults

7. Go to Action

8. Turn auto-center on. [You can turn on auto-aim if you prefer]

9. Now rapidly press B until you are back at custom classes.

Now your done! Reduced recoil on all weapons!

Wager Match Tutorial

Required Stuff
Net Tools v5
Also you have to be host.

First Step - Go into a wager match game. Really you only need to do this if your losing. (You have to do this while the game is still going)

Second Step - Open up Net Tools v5 on the computer. Click start then click network tools, now find the thing called UDP Flooder

Third Step - Now when you have the UDP Flooder Up. Insert this
First Box Put -
Second Box - DataDataDataDataDataDataDataDataDataDataDataData
Speed - Make It Max 10

Fourth Step - Push start. Now you will notice you become laggy and your connection drops to red bar stop the UDP Flooder (If kept on to long it will disconnect you from live). Now that you stoped it all the players in the game will time out, and you will be in there by yourself and should say "Enemies forfitting in 20, 10 so on.

Fifth Step - When the game ends because enemies forfitted it will say you lost 10k Cod Points. Go and play any game where you earn cod points. When the games ends it will combine the 10k you lost with the ammount you earned that game.

How to kill teammates in core!
Not Patched

1.Wait for a teammate to run by a red barrel.
2.Shoot the barrel causing it to explode by your teammate.
3.Have fun making your teammates mad.

1 Billon Cod Points Glitch

1.Play high roller wager match.
2.Make sure your host then after that u disconnect ur Internet cable.
3.Go to player match
4.You get one billion credits

Clan Tag Tutorial
Not Patched Brand New Way 11/28/2010

1. Sign into two xbox live accounts can't be guest, and make an xbox live party.
2. Click mutliplayer with the one you want the colored clantag on then player match.
3. Now highlight the gamertag you wanted the colored clantag on and push B to the mutliplayer menue.
4. Select Local, then splitscreen.
6. Now push "Y" and go over to party, and click on your profile you want the colored clantag on and click combat record, then push B and go to clan tag.
7. Now select your color and push B back to the mutliplayer menue.
8. Now with your outher controller click Xbox Live/Player Match, And there you go.

Keeping weapons after prestige!

1. Setup your classes how you want them
2. Start a Xbox live party (it doesnt matter of there are friends in it)
3. Go to multiplayer > Xbox live
4. Hover over your name (showing your emblem/background)
4. Hit B and then go local > Split Screen
5. When in a Split screen lobby click "Y" (for friends) then scroll to xbox live party
6. when on the Xbox live party click your self
7. then click combat record. then press "B" Again.
8. Go down to prestige, and follow the instructions.

How to get 30k when you prestige

1.First get to level 50 and also you need 10k CP (Cod Points)
2.Once your level 50 and have your Cod Points go to wager match.
3.Next find a High Roller game that uses 10k CP.
4.Once your in the lobby go to your player card and prestige.

Now just hope you win the game if so then there you go. If not then your really not losing anything

How to get titles and emblems free!
Not Patched

1. Have a friend invite you to a Player Match.
2. Go to your playercard and hold over the prestige option
3. Have your friend to switch the lobby to Combat Training
4. Select Edit Playercard and do what you would like do on your player card.
5. This is using your combat training money instead of your online, so make sure you have money in combat training for this to work.


Kino Der Untoten

Kino Der Untoten Invincibility Glitch
Not Patched
1. Player 1: crouch in a corner
2. Player 2: sprint dive onto Player 1's head, so Player 2 needs to be elevated higher than player 1 to begin with. ( like if player 1 is in a corner below a staircase, and player 2 dives from that stair case )
3. Player 1: Go prone and stand back up
4. Player 1 & 2 don't move out of the corner
5. After player 2 is in the corner prone against the wall, he doesnt move anymore.
6. Player 1 and any other player in the game (besides 2)kill the zombies.
7. Get high on the leaderboards before they patch it

Kino Der Toten Zombie Guide


The first goal you need to have while playing this map is to make it to the power switch. If you can restore the power, you'll unlock the teleporter, the perk machines, the Mystery Box, a few traps, and ultimately allow yourself a lot more freedom of movement.

But how do I turn on the power?

Let me explain: You first have to make it through the cinema to the backstage. You can get to the backstage area by either taking the path to the right, or the path to the left. If you decide to take the path to the left, you can pick up an AK74U, access a Mystery Box, and also buy the MPL. The path to the right has the PM63, the MP40, and a Speed Cola. You decide which way you'll go, the most important thing is to get to the power.

Once you get to the backstage of the Theater, the power is located on the southwest portion of this (by the M16). You'll see the curtains on the stage raise, letting you know you have been successful. Also, the front doors of the theater room open up, creating a full open loop of this level.

Important note: It seems like turning on the power unlocks Gas Zombies... and these mother effer's aren't easy. Be aware of this.

How do I turn the Teleporter on?

You have to initiate the link in order to turn the Teleporter on. This is found in the backstage area as well, near the power switch and M16. Hold down the corresponding button until you hear a "click", then head back to the beginning of the level (the Lobby) to use the Teleporter. You'll have to stand on that weird looking platform and interact with it again to make it fully turned on. Once you do this, head back to the Theater Room to be transported to the projection room.

The Teleporter is on, but I'm confused...

The main use of the Teleporter is to transport you to the projection room. You'll find the Pack-a-Punch upgrade kiosk in this room. The most badass aspect of the projector room is the view of the zombies below. You can just sit up there and pick them off one by one, while collecting grenades off the wall and upgrading your weapons. Problem is, this only lasts for about 30 seconds. Also important to note that any zombies in the Teleporter when you use it will die instantly. Use it to your advantage!

What the hell is a Pack-a-Punch room?

Good question Roger. The Pack-a-Punch room is has a Pack-a-Punch Machine in it that upgrades your weapons. There will also be ammunition and a few pick-ups you can grab.

When do the Hellhounds show up?

They begin to show up after the 5th wave. They seem to come back every 5th round, although we have seen them only four rounds away a few times.

Best advice here is to find a corner, strap on your Shotgun, and blast away at their heads. If you are playing with a buddy, try to huddle up in opposite corners, so that you can cover each other while you are reloading.

Five (unlocked by beating the single player campaign)

This is the Zombie map that takes place in the Pentagon. There are three floors to be explored, the briefing room (top floor), the war room (second floor), and the basement (obviously the bottom floor).

Much like Kino der Toten, there is a power switch that you are strongly advised to turn on.


Five Elevator Glitch
Not Patched
Sorry about the quality my cap card started messing up. Gets better at the end. I will be making a better video.

To do this glitch you either need a lag switch or any way that you can lag out your connection without it lagging you out of the game.

Note: the host can't get out and the host must have the lag switch.

First what you want to do is get enough money to be able to get to the first elevator and go at least up and down 3 times.

Then what you want to do is have every one get in the elevator turn your lag switch on or make your connection lag.

After that hit the elevator and have everybody jump up and down.Once you hear the elevator click and the doors open turn off lag switch. This should lag them out side the elevator.

Five Full Guide


Where is the power switch in "Five"?

Calm down, I'm getting to that. It's located on the basement level, and is a whole lot easier to get to than the one in Kino der Toten. From the start of the level, open the door to the right ($750) then head to the elevator and go down ($250). Once you're in the War Room (you start the level in the briefing room), find your way to the elevator by clearing the debris ($2000) and take the elevator down once again ($250).

We were able to unlock all of this by round 3 one time, but it's fairly easy and a lot more common by round 4. When you turn the power on in this level, you unlock all the perk machines, unlock the ability to set the Def Con level in the war room, and also turn on all the Teleporters.

Once again, how do I turn on the Teleporters?

These teleporters aren't like the ones in Kino der Toten, and can be used as soon as they are activated via the power switch.

You mentioned the ability to set the Def Con level. Is that like Def Jam?

No. Don't be an ass. When you turn the power on you can go into the war room and set the Def Con level. What this essentially means is that when you get it to Def Con Level 5, you unlock the Pack-a-Punch room. In order to do this, you'll need to activate all four switches in the war room (3 of them are near the Jugger Nog, while the fourth is across the map from all of them). Once they are all activated, all the Teleports will lead to the Pack-a-Punch room.

What the hell is a Pack-a-Punch room?

Good question Roger. The Pack-a-Punch room is has a Pack-a-Punch Machine in it that upgrades your weapons. There will also be ammunition and a few pick-ups you can grab.

Who the hell is this scientist-looking douche that keeps stealing all my sh**?!

Yeah, so he found you. He's what the game calls the "Pentagon Tech", and his sole purpose is to steal all your weapons. He shows up after you turn the power on. Don't freak out though, because he can be killed (there's even an Achievement/Trophy for doing it). Read carefully below for the best way to do this:

1. Keep in mind that the Pentagon Tech's hit points definitely increase as the rounds go on, and the more people you have in your party also means he has more health.
2. Claymores are your friend when trying to take this **** down. Place them in large groups in areas you know he is headed, as they will cause a ton of damage this way, while slowing him down.
3. Rather than trying to reload, just keep two weapons fully stocked for when he comes after you.
4. Just like every other enemy in any mode in any game ever, aim for his head. It will take off a lot more damage.
5. If he grabs your first weapon, chase him with your second. Notice he is slowing down? That means he is injured. Don't let up!

I had the MPL with the M16 as a backup weapon and was able to kill him in round six (with a buddy of course). Regardless, this can be done. Just load up on Claymores, have full ammo clips, and get ready to kick some ass!

Killin' Zombies is all about saving up enough money to move on to the next area. It's also about killin' zombies, but that's obvious.

Each kill on a Zombie gives you a certain amount of cashola, which you can then use to purchase and upgrade weapons, open doors, use mystery boxes, and so on. Here's the breakdown of each kill:

Any Zombie- non-lethal hit: 10 Points
Any Zombie- lethal hit: 50-60 Points
Any Zombie- lethal headshot: 100 Points
Any Zombie- non-lethal melee: 10 Points
Any Zombie- lethal melee: 130 Points
Gas Zombie- same
Hellhound Hit- 10 Points
Hellhound Kill- 60-100 Points

Keep in mind that Zombies gain strength and health as you progress through rounds. In the first few rounds, use melee as much as possible (especially when they are behind barriers). Since they are weaker, gaining easy points this way is almost necessary. Also, your pistol in the first few rounds isn't as useless as you think. Aim for the head and get some points. Remember, even non-lethal hits are worth 10 points.

YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO LEAVE TWO ZOMBIES ALIVE AT THE END OF EACH ROUND. Why 2 you ask? Well, because in this version of Nazi Zombies, the remaining Zombie goes berserk, coming at your like a Spider Monkey. If you leave two alive, this won't happen. Yeah that's right, I'm smart. By leaving some alive at the end of the round, you give yourself a chance to repair all the barriers, reload your ammo, figure out a plan, and most likely not die in the coming wave.

Some people have noted that you can simply grenade the last zombie (it blows it's legs off, turning it into a crawler). While I agree with this, it wastes a grenade and leaving two alive is a whole lot easier. Either strategy works though!

The other little trick is to let them take down the barriers in the first few rounds. Sounds stupid I know, but repairing barricades gives your points. Here's the breakdown:

10 Points per board
60 Points for a complete repair

There's a cap on each round however:

Round 1: 40 Points
Round 2: 90 Points
Round 3: 140 Points
Round 4: 140 Points

The weapons hanging around on the wall aren't going to be able to hold up long enough for you to survive longer than a dozen rounds or so. I know it can be done, so don't comment about how cool you are for getting to round whatever without the Mystery Box. For those of us out there who aren't completely badass, the Mystery Box is going to be your ticket to the higher rounds.

So remember to take advantage of this, as it adds up quickly! Leave two Zombies alive!!!


Every map has Perks hidden within them. You can buy them in vending machines, and they give you... well, Perks. Simple enough I s'pose.

Quick Revive:

$500 Solo/$1500 Co-Op
In solo mode, when you get downed, you get revived (limit 3).
In Co-Op Mode, it allows you to revive a down partner a lot quicker than if you didn't have one.

It's a weapon upgrade. Use it on a normal weapon and it morphs into a super awesome one!!! Ahhh!!!

You'll absolutely need this if you want to succeed solo (but come on, just get some friends already). It lets you run past Zombies and still survive if you are hit a couple of times. Something that won't happen without it.

Double Tap Root Beer
This speeds up your gun's rate of fire (the opposite effect of alcohol)

Speed Cola
After you turn the power on, head for this upgrade asap. It reduces your reload time by half, and after the power is on, the zombies go crazy...er.

Mystery Box Weapons

You'll want to open up the Mystery Box in the later rounds. Some people say somewhere near rounds 8 or 9, I say more like around 11 or 12. Thing is, the Mystery Box packs some serious firepower, so when you have enough money saved up, don't be afraid to use it. Just be aware you may end up with a piece of crap weapon!
Special Power-Ups (random drops)

During the game there will be instances where killing a Zombie will ellicit a random power-up drop. These last for a short amount of time, and while you may be tempted to just use them all willy-nilly, there is a lot of strategy to some of these. Also keep in mind that these power-ups can be stacked on top of one another. My favorite one is definitely Double Points plus Instakill.

This one is easy enough. It's a giant golden, floating bomb, and when you use it all zombies on the map explode. This won't however end the round, unless all the zombies are readily available for ultimate death. The best strategy I have found with this is to try to use it towards the end of the round, or at least when there are a lot of zombies around. It will be tempting to grab it immediately, but take a step back and survey the landscape. Nothing pisses me off more than when someone uses it when there is one freaking zombie on the map!

This one repairs all the barricades. It's a giant floating, golden hammer. While it does give you 200 points, it's a whole lot less than if you were to repair them all manually. Nonetheless, this is a great power-up to use immediately, especially if you are under attack by a horde of flesh-eating freakbags.

If you see a golden skull in front of you, that's an Instakill. When you use it, all zombies become one-hit kills. Key strategy here is to pull out your knife or pistol, and go to town! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MAIN WEAPONS AMMO when an Instakill is activated. This is the perfect opportunity to get a grasp on the wave.

See that floating "X2" symbol? No, that's not a reference to the second X-Men movie, it's a double points power-up, and it does just that. In other words, a hit that usually gives you 10 points now gives you 20. Easy enough right? Such an amazing power-up due to the fact that your points accumulate so much faster, allowing you to open doors, purchase weapons, set traps, and whatever else you need money for a lot faster.

From what I have noticed, this is the most common power-up you will see. When you activate it, your ammo will refill. If you are all using a headset (which you should be), make sure to tell everyone to reload right before you pick this up.

One huge advantage to this power-up is that it refills your Mystery Box Weapons. This is the only way to do this, making this power-up one of the most important ones.

This is only available in the "Five" map (although rumors claim it will be available on the DLC maps soon). The Death Machine is a giant minigun you can use for a short period of time. It's just a whole lot of badass.

Zombie Arcade

Sorry none yet, I don't think any have been found

Classic Zombie Maps

Comming Soon!

How to get the Classic Zombie Maps free!


Note if you want to play online you have to sign out of BlackOps taco543 and turn OFF the 2nd controller !

Heres a Tutorial for the old zombie maps with USB or Transfer Cable !
First of if you have a USB take it and plug it in your xbox and make it to a memory on the xbox it has to be 1 Gig or bigger!

1. Download the file i uploaded here and many ask for Megaupload so here it is ! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5KB0KA1B

2. Get Modio.  http://www.game-tuts.com/community/modio.php

3. When you have downloaded the Classic zombie map pack extrackt it to where you have put it.

4. When you have extrackt it u get a folder like this, taco543_is_GAWD. When you see the folder it has 2 other folders in it, 41560855 and E0000D1DD702EA8E.

5. Open Modio and plug in your USB or Transfer Cable with the HDD in the computer.

6. When you have Modio open click on the M in the left up corner and choose Explore my devise. After that click File then Open\Close Drive.

7. You will now see a folder called contents click on that and when your in it make a new folder with 16 0:s.

8. When you have the folder with 16 0:s put the 41560855 folder that you downloaded in it and go back to contents and put the E0000D1DD702EA8E folder that you downloaded in contents.

9. Close Modio and unploug the USB or Transfer Cable and plug it back in the Xbox.

10. Now you have to sign in to your main account on the 1 controller and the account you downloaded, BlackOps taco543 on the 2nd controller. Do this while in dashboard !

11. Start Black Ops and choose zombie and when your in the zombie menu sign out of BlackOps taco543 and turn of the 2nd Xbox controller.

12. Now your redy to go and play the old zombie maps choose split screen or go on xbox live and pick the map that you want!

Hope this help's.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops|Massive Ultimate Tutorial Thread
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