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 (TUT) How to get better a quickscoping(TUT)

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PostSubject: (TUT) How to get better a quickscoping(TUT)   Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:43 pm

Just some basic's on how to learn how to quickscope

The basic idea is that quicscoping is a substitute of no-scoping and Hardscoping....

First off you obviously need a sniper and a class, The snipers you should Look to be using are an intervention or barret, for this area of sniping and use any secondary weapon, I prefer to use intervention! but thats me.

The sort of perks you should be using:
You should use, Sleight of hand Blue perks, Stopping power red perks, steady aim or Ninja Green perks! your best of using steady aim to start with. but you easily get bored of using steady aim so you might wanna move to Ninja your choice! so you just scope in until you see the crosshair thirdly make sure you dont hardscope!

Different types of shots!
There are a number of different shots you can doo one of them is called a drag shot this is when you drag the scope to the left or the right which can make it alot easier! 'If you scope in slightly off your target, drag the scope across and shoot exactly where you think your target is, therefor if you hit it'll be classed as a quick shot. but you will need to practice this, another technique is the 360, This can take a while to hit if you havent done it before all you do is 360 before you quickscope you should have your sensitivity on around 7 to 10, Then spin right stick to the left or the right, as i said this will take alot of practise! Theres the No-scope shot which is extremely hard without steady aim, but people can use ninja to do this. There are more different techniques not just these! Just a quick video i found of youtube just too show you the 360 shot!

So This should help you quickscope! all the steps.

Step 1: just check the sensitivity is right for you, i use around 7-10 but again thats me, as soon as you see you enemy you should stop and focus on your target by stopping this will give you more time to get an accurate shot because by moving you will be all over the place.

Step 2: make sure you scope in until you just see the crosshairs because this will make it more accurate, just make sure you dont hold it in because it will be classed as hardscoping, by not going into crosshairs there could be a good chance of you no-scoping which is the substitute of quickscoping, it may take abit of practise buts its worth it.

Step 3: Scoping in,
remember if you dont scope in its like i said before it will be classes as a no-scope, quickscoping is all up to the judgement of the player, there are a number off people i have seen where they havent scoped in and completley failed there shot.

Step 4: Scope out
This step should be obvious, if you don't scope out right away it's not a quickscope. Be sure you already pressed the trigger before you scope out however

If you can't still quickscope PM me with your gamertag and I'll talk you through the steps.
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PostSubject: Re: (TUT) How to get better a quickscoping(TUT)   Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:19 pm

good quick scoping TUT m8

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(TUT) How to get better a quickscoping(TUT)
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