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 Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights[no soldering]

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PostSubject: Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights[no soldering]   Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:48 pm

Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights with no soldering

First take apart your xbox

Tools need to take apart xbox 360

Tools Needed:
Very small flathead screwdriver or a flat point such as a kitchen knife or pushpin
Small Phillips head screwdriver
A torx style star head screwdriver size T10

how to open an xbox 360

Step 1. Disconnect ALL wires from xbox, once everything is disconnected hold power button in for 2 seconds to clear any electric charge left in the console

Step 2. Remove Hard Drive and any memory unit/cards you might have plugged into the console. You will remove the hard drive by pressing button on the hard drive and pulling
straight up.

Step 3. Remove the faceplate by gripping the top and bottom near the left side of the console(the side that the disc drive is on) and pulling firmly but slowly until it pops off, then repeat this on the other end.

Step 4. Remove top and bottom gray mesh panels by prying them off with any small objects by inserting them into holes on the sides of the xbox console at the left, middle, and right points where you can see the grey tabs and pushing in to release the catches.

Step 5. Separate top and bottom of white case by inserting flat head screwdriver or knife blade into the back of the console at the points shown in the picture. You should hear a pop when each one releases; go down the line starting from left to right. You should hold the side that you're starting on and start to separate the case pieces so that they don't click back together when you pop the tabs

Step 6. Complete seperation of the case by using a fingernail to unhook the tabs on the front of the console starting on one end and working your way to the other side, there should be 4 tabs to release, after that's done the top of the case should just slide right off.

Step 7. Using your Torx T10 star screwdriver remove the 6 screws shown in the following picture, you don't need to remove any other screws even though there's a bunch on there

Step 8. After all 6 screws are removed and SET ASIDE SO YOU DON'T LOSE THEM, flip the console over so that the remaining half of the white case is on top. Make sure that the metal part that you just unscrewed the screws from is facing down, on the table or ground, etc.

Step 9. Pull the white case straight up, it should seperate easily from the rest of the console, and set it aside.
From here you should see the "guts" of the console, you have the disc drive, cooling fan, motherboard, and a white guard to direct air flow in the console.

Step 10- remove the white guard to direct air flow.

your xbox should look like this:

were you can buy the LEDs

Website: http://www.talismoon.com/cgi-bin/multipage/engine.pl?function=viewcat&cat=XBOX360

Here is the after effects:

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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights[no soldering]   Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:32 am

Great post but where do you connect your L.E.D cables to without it being soliderd because he said the fan but then if you connect it to the fan where do you connect it ? and wont the fan stop working ?? Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights[no soldering]   Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:13 am

its connects to the fan but youl understand how it workds if uve got some I SELL THEM

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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights[no soldering]   

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Tutorial on How To Give Your Xbox LED lights[no soldering]
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