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 How to get your cod BO videos on youtube with out a capcard

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PostSubject: How to get your cod BO videos on youtube with out a capcard   Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:59 pm

Text Instructions:

Step 1: Record a clip under 30 seconds in Theater mode on CoD Black Ops

Step 2: Save the clip to your file share.

Step 3: Press 'Start' on your controller to open up the start menu. Then, hit exit. (Make sure to hit 'Save' if it asks you to!)

Step 4: You should now be on the main Theater menu. Select the clip you just recorded (hit the 'Select for playback' option).

Step 5: Still on the main Theater menu, look for the option that says 'Render' and click it. The rendering will usually take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Step 6: Go on your computer. Navigate to the Call of Duty Theater web page (link at top of description).

Step 7: If you don't have a callofduty.com account, click the 'Register' link and fill in all of the required areas. If you already have an account, click the 'Login Now' button and login.

Step 8: If you're Xbox Live, PSN, or PC account isn't linked with the website, then you will need to do so by clicking on either the Xbox, PSN, or PC picture. Follow the instructions to link your account.

Step 9: After linking your account, look for the video that you rendered and click on it. (If you don't see any video(s) then give it a couple of minutes, try refreshing the page, and see if anything shows up. If you still don't see anything, try linking your Youtube account or re-rendering the video on your Xbox/PS3/PC.)

Step 10: Click on the popout video and it should take you to the video on Youtube.

Step 11: Go to Savetube (link at top of description).

Step 12: Go back to the Youtube video and look at the URL bar. Look for a '&' sign. Highlight the '&' sign and everything after it and press backspace. (Basically, delete everything after the '&'). Now copy that URL.

Step 13: Paste the URL into the textbox at the top of Savetube.

Step 14: Hit the 'Enter' key on your keyboard.

Step 15: When a box pops up, check the box beside 'Always trust content from this website' (or something like that) and hit the allow button.

Step 16: When you see the video thumbnail below the textbox, click on the 'MP4' link.

Step 17: Click save and wait for your video to download.

Step 18: Once the video is done downloading, click the windows button on your taskbar (the Start button in the very bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Step 19: Type in 'Downloads' in the search bar. Click on the folder named Downloads when it is done searching.

Step 20: Look for your video that you downloaded. (It is in the format of: [your GT here] - Black Ops Game Clip.mp4). Click and drag the video into some place you can easily find.

Step 21: Upload it to Youtube or share it with your friends
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Teh Bird
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PostSubject: Re: How to get your cod BO videos on youtube with out a capcard   Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:50 pm

good post you get rep now
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How to get your cod BO videos on youtube with out a capcard
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